Our appearance is the outward sign to others of the pride and respect we have for our school. We aim to develop an understanding of this concept and encourage  students to be well groomed and to dress neatly in the correct uniform. Please refer to our Uniform Policy for further details.

If your child is unable to wear the correct uniform please send in a note to explain the reason why.

Girls’ Uniform


Green check dress, black leather shoes, black joggers, white socks


Green short sleeve shirt, school tartan skirt or school tartan slacks, bottle green sloppy joe/or vest*, white socks or bottle green stockings, black leather shoes, black joggers


White sports polo shirt with school emblem*, bottle green wrap around skirt or shorts*, bottle green tracksuit, short white socks, black or white joggers

Boys’ Uniform


Grey mid-length elastic waist shorts, green short sleeve shirt, grey socks, black leather shoes, black joggers    


Grey trousers with elastic waist, green short sleeve shirt, green sloppy joe/or vest*, grey socks, black leather shoes, black joggers


White sports polo shirt with school emblem*, bottle green shorts*, bottle green tracksuit, white socks, black joggers, General School Hat green, full brim hat must be worn when outdoors, rain Coat preferably safety yellow.

*No make-up, nail polish, rings or necklaces are to be worn at school.

Jewellery: earrings (studs or sleepers), 1 plain bangle and wrist watch are allowed. For health and safety reasons hair that touches the shoulders is to be tied back.

All items of uniform should be clearly marked with the child’s name.

* Items able to be purchased at school. To purchase please phone the Uniform Coordinator. Other items can be purchased at Lowe’s.

Transition between Summer and Winter uniform: Generally students are expected to wear their full Summer uniform in Terms 1 & 4 and full Winter uniforms in Terms 2 & 3. However, we acknowledge that the weather does not always fit in with these terms and it is often cooler and warmer within the designated terms.
Therefore, it is acceptable for students to continue to wear their full Summer uniforms in Term 2 up until Mothers Day (second week in May) with full Winter uniform expected to be worn from the following week. Likewise, students may return to their full Summer uniforms in Term 3, following the Fathers day weekend.(First week in September) 

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